Pro Investor: "The Bear Market Ended in June"

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You can buy low and sell high. You can make money no matter what the markets doing. These ideas sound so simple and so easy to implement, yet for most investors, these ideas are next to impossible to achieve.

And yet this is exactly what Milton Berg, CFA, CEO, and chief investment strategist of MB Advisors, has done for his entire career. He brings decades of trading and market timing experience to our discussion. He’s worked with the biggest names in the hedge fund world, including Soros, Druckenmiller, and Steinhardt. This conversation will challenge some of your long-held views on what drives the markets.

In this week’s edition, we discussed:

● The likelihood of a 1930’s style economic crash—and what can be done to prevent it
● Why gold is the market’s secret superstar
● From Bitcoin to blockchain: Why you should avoid one and watch the other
● Why momentum investing doesn’t really exist—and what to pay attention to instead

For more of Milton Berg’s insights, you can follow him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BergMilton

Video Time Stamps
0:00 – Introduction
2:42 – Where the indicators say the market is going now
6:36 – What to expect from long bonds, gold, and gold mining
10:49 – The terrible toll of inflation on personal wealth
13:37 – Why gold is outperforming other asset classes
17:20 – What money is and what money should be
22:14 – The fallacy of momentum investing and what you should be looking at instead
26:50 – The power of anomalies in investments
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