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Overview on PRO (#ProducersResponsibilityOrganization) Authorization

PRO (Product Responsibilities Organization) is the regulation introduced by the CPCB( Central Pollution Control Board). As we all know, the increasing usage of durable goods over the years is the primary cause of concern that causes environmental degradation. Therefore, the management of waste products is a serious alarm for policymakers. The guidelines are associated and based on the principle of #EPR (Extended producers responsibilities). This makes the producers will be accountable for the environmental effects throughout the lifecycle of the goods. When we talk about India, the principle of PRO (Product Responsibilities Organization) is defined as #E_wastemanagement. As per the E-waste management regulations, importers, brand owners, and producers should be responsible for collecting E-waste. #PRO will take responsibility of e waste generated in India and will play major role by taking responsibility for collection of e waste and handover to E waste Recyclers and further will take care for full fill post & annual compliance of PIBO's.

What are the functions of PRO (Product Responsibility Organization)
Given below are the functions of the Product Responsibility Organization helps the producers for the following tasks:

• Helps in the arrangement of logistics
• To help in accomplishing the target of collection.
• Helps in taking back the implementation
• Help in set up waste collection method
• Helps the producers in the filing of quarterly and annual return
• Mentor on producer’s responsibility plan

Government regulations In respect of Producers Responsibility of Organizations (PRO)

Given Below are the two sectors that defined the concept of PRO in India:

 E-Waste Management
 #PlasticWasteManagement

Under Plastic waste management rules, 2016 and E-waste management rules, 2016, both acts shall make the producers collect the plastic electronic products waste. Thus, there is a need to set up the system to collect the waste generated due to the products.
The capacity of Producers Responsibility Organization (PRO)

Both agent and producer provide the information concerning their waste handling, capacity for storage, collection of waste material, and recyclers with whom they are arranging to do with such waste. A producer or an agent should be skillful in channelizing plastics and waste to meet the collection targets.

Documents required for the registration

• GST Certificate
• Details of the Items in excel sheet
• Pan card of the company
• Proprietor or authorized signatory KYC
• Rent/Lease/proof of ownership of the site

Registration Process

An application form shall be submitted before the Central pollution control board (CPCB) for the registration of PRO for both plastic and electronic waste management. However, the guidelines with respect to E-waste management do not state any minimum requirement for registration of PRO. Although, the policies related to plastic waste management states the following criteria. Connect with Corpbiz now and get complete assistance in respect with the registration procedure in PRO.

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