Pricing Strategies for Today’s Supply Chain Challenges

Over the past couple of years, B2B companies have been facing major supply chain challenges – and many are only getting worse. These issues often result in long lead times, limited availability, and disappointed customers. To make matters worse, rising input costs are putting many organizations in the position of either taking a profitability hit, or passing them along to already frustrated customers through price increases. In order to sustain performance in these challenging times, B2B organizations must be able to analyze and segment the competitive landscape, deploy strategic as well as value-based pricing strategies, and have effective sales communication and negotiation skills.

In this webinar, we will address:
- How long will this supply chain shortage last?
- Ways to determine if you should raise price (or raise price yet again) while your own delivery performance is poor.
- Strategies for executing price or policy changes without hurting your long-term customer relationships or undermining your value-pricing principles.
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