Price Action Principles - Module 1 Market Structure & Fibs

This is Module 1, Market Structure & Fibonacci, of the free 6 Part Price Action Principles Course - Trading a Range.

The aim of the course is to provide you with each component part of how to trade a range, where we build upon each item to develop you as a trader (or just to brush up on some PA skills)

The course will be released weekly from 01 Jan 2022, with a PDF, followed by a video here on YT, and then a live QA session on YT as well to answer any queries that you may have.

Hopefully you can find this insighful and helpful, and will chat more soon!


01:16 | Acknowledgements

03:16 | Quick Bit About Me

04:36 | Goal of the Course

05:26 | Agenda

06:05 | What is Price Action?

10:31 | Market Structure

11:09 | - Swing Highs & Lows
12:11 | - Market Structure Breaks
13:14 | - Market Structure Example
15:26 | - Bullish (Upward Trend)
16:43 | - Bearish (Downward Trend)
18:02 | - Bullish Trend Reversal
19:16 | - Bearish Trend Reversal

21:13 | Fibonacci Tool

22:06 | - Entry Fib Setup
22:23 | - Entry Fib Background
25:00 | - Entry Fibs - Anchor Levels
26:39 | - Entry Fibs - Entry
28:18 | - Entry Fibs - Target Levels
30:43 | - Entry Fibs, Counter Trade Targets

32:12 | - Potential Take Profit Examples

39:22 | Self Learning

40:50 | Conclusion

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