Preview Data Literacy Master Class - Storytelling with Data (Chapter 16)

Enjoy a preview of Dr. David P. Marco's Data Literacy Master class at
This course guides individuals in the study of the major areas of data literacy. The purpose of this course is to help the learner become a master data literacy professional. Learners that can successfully pass each chapter's short quiz and the course's final exam will become a certified Data Literacy Master through Data Management University. For the course outline, please show the following 19 chapters.
• Data Literacy Master Class Course Overview
• Background & Fundamentals
• Return on Investment (ROI)
• Data Literacy Levels, Roles, & Personas
• Enterprise Data Management
• Data Governance
• Data Quality Management
• Metadata Management
• Data Ethics
• Data Analysis Terms and Concepts
• Data Analysis Distribution and Testing
• Data Structures & Data Traits
• Qualitative and Quantitative Data
• Types of Graphs and Charts
• Common Data Analysis Mistakes
• Storytelling with Data – 1
• Storytelling with Data – 2
• Data Literacy Socialization & Communication
• Conclusion, Summary, and Final Exam
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