Preserving the Guadalquivir river basin in Tarija (Bolivia)

Between 2004 and 2018, the GIZ project Sustainable agricultural development in Bolivia – PROAGRO, provided technical support for the management of the Guadalquivir River Irrigation System in Cenavit, Calamuchita. This project reached 16 communities and approximately 3500 families during the abovementioned period.

The current PROCUENCA project is the continuation of the former PROAGRO project. Since 2019, it aims at improving water security in the country while tackling the impact of climate change.

Working. among others, in the Guadalquivir river basin, the project builds inclusive water governance institutions through multi-stakeholder platforms that encourage dialogue about the management of water resources. These platforms are made up of public, private and civil society stakeholders. They include a Board of Directors, a Technical Council and a Social Council.

In this video, Grecia Castro Ruiz, a beneficiary of the Calamuchita project and a member of the Social Council, explains the importance of preserving the irrigation work started by her father and supported by GIZ.

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