Prescribed Fire Tips And Techniques (683)

Grant and the team conduct a prescribed fire on 10 acres. From the fire line, they share detailed "how to" tips for each step of the prescribed fire process: types of clothing, tools, boots, fuel mixtures, drip torches, backing fires, fire weather, creating and managing fire line, managing hot spots, head fires, using fire to fight fire and many more useful tips.

Note: before conducting a prescribed fire please get training and certified from your local authorities.

Burned areas make for great bugging areas for turkeys. The terrain is open and turkeys can watch for predators and find great food sources. This can make for some great spring turkey hunting. Each fire brings a great reward – improved habitat and better hunting.

If you take degraded habitat – unless it’s been intensely plowed and that seed bank really messed with – if you use prescribed fire or whatever the appropriate technique is for that habitat, usually the natives will recolonize that area.

The value of these areas now to many species of wildlife, and the views created, and the value to hunters, is much, much greater than the value it had prior to the burn.

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