Prescribed Cable Zones: What You Need to Know

BS7671UK wiring regulations define prescribed zones to run cables within walls to avoid this situation. Installing cables in these locations reduces the risk that someone will drill through or hammer a nail into a hidden cable.

Even if you aren't an electrician understanding the prescribed areas in which cables could be located will reduce the chances of damaging a hidden cable.

In this video, we explore why prescribed zones aren't "safe" zones, the requirements for RCD protection and other options to protect cables buried within walls.

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00:00 Prescribed cable zones
00:40 Options to run cables in walls
01:40 BS7671 - 522.6.602 Cable zones
03:00 Vertical and horizontal cable runs
03:40 Changes of direction to wiring accessories
05:00 Share this information with non-electricians
05:20 Prescribed zone not a safe zone
05:40 Additional protection by RCD
06:40 Other options 522.6.204
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