Prep Rank Ups for Battlegrounds, MTN Store & More | Top 5 Tips of Feb | Marvel Contest of Champions

Top 5 Tips for Feb ▶

Spending in the MTN Store▶ the store is on and it’s a great time to save for things you need, as this month you get target what you want, use this. Choose rank up materials if you need them and ensure you look at what content you have on aswell as the glory store as you might find that you don’t need to go so much in the shards spend.

Prepping for July 4th Deals▶ Yes not exactly Feb but its important to think about the future, if you are a non spender you may opt for a 5 month aggressive grind to get the best deals possible. Getting 10- 12k units is important but also getting permanent content done is too.

Buying Crystals▶ For Cav Players you may choose to grab the Master and Heroic bundles of the Crystal shards as you will get 18k from the calendar and with a low cost In the store this maybe a spicy time to chance your luck. It could be put up next month.

Prep for Act 7.4▶ Its important to prepare some revives, health potions and maybe Units for the content dropping what is believed to be in March 2022, go to lower content and repeat to grab level 1 health potions and complete on the daily basis to get units , revive and health potions

Prep For Battlegrounds▶ Certain champions will be good for Battlegrounds whether its having great extent of debuff interaction or resilience.
Nick Fury is good because of life model decoy
Moleman Because of his low health and maxmising damage potential
Kingpin is an unstoppable damage freight train



0:00 Start and Intro
0:33 Spending in the MTN Store
2:27 Prepping For Battlegrounds
4:38 Buying Crystals
6:34 Prepping For July 4th Deals
9:38 Grind Potions for 7.4

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