Predicting the future of truck maintenance | FE Data Center

Fault code and related service information has been flowing off of trucks for years, and truck technology companies have been hard at work developing algorithms that delve into that data and find patterns in truck component failures. Using sophisticated probabilities, truck service technology is quickly approaching the point where it can offer predictive repair suggestions.

Now what if you could replace a truck component while it’s in the shop for scheduled preventative maintenance instead of dealing with, say, a road-side breakdown. Predictive maintenance will basically offer you that choice, in theory.

“The current predictive maintenance landscape is scattered with numerous different approaches set out to achieve a common goal of being able to predict a failure of some type, before it becomes a problem,” said Talon Thomas, product management, technical engineer, Noregon. “Success of any predictive maintenance type of product offering is incredibly reliant upon data.”

For more insight from Talon and the possibilities of predictive maintenance in truck service, watch the video above.

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