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On this episode of HakByte, Alex Lynd shows how to set up a $3 NAT router on the ESP8266 WiFi microcontroller, which can be used to legally practice WiFi hacking. This episode demonstrates using the WiFi Nugget to run a deauthentication attack against the $3 access point, and capturing a handshake using Aircrack-ng on a Linux computer.

Buy a WiFi Nugget:

Arduino Download:
ESP8266 Board Manager:
SpaceHuhn's Deauther Project:
Alex Lynd's HaxxDetector:

Alex Lynd's website:
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Panda PAU06 WiFi Dongle:
D1 Mini ESP8266 (Amazon) :
D1 Mini ESP8266 (AliExpress) :

Intro: 00:00
Legally Practice WiFi Hacking 00:14
Using the ESP8266 as a Hackable Router 00:42
Tools You'll Need 01:11
Setting up the Arduino IDE 01:28
Accessing the NAT Router Sketch 03:42
Changing the Default Creds 04:14
Flashing the ESP8266 05:03
WiFi Hacking Demo Setup 05:23
Installing WiFi Recon Tools 5:53
Setting up your WiFi Dongle 06:53
Gathering WiFi Recon in Airodump 07:55
Capture WiFi Packets in Wireshark 10:09
Filtering Packets & Data Analysis 11:01
How Deauth Attacks Work 12:04
Setting a Deauth Filter in Wireshark 13:14
Deauthentication Attack Demo 14:25
WiFi Nugget HaxxDetector 14:44
Wireshark Deauth Detector 14:54
Capturing & Analyzing WPA Handshakes 15:18
Outro 17:27
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