Practical Steps to Improve your Third-Party Risk Management Program

Join Nick Rafferty, Matt Davies and Yang Zheng of SureCloud, who will be discussing ways in which organizations can enhance their third-party risk management operations and practices.


0:00 What practical steps are recommended for improving a TPRM program?
1:58 Do organizations make the mistake of not defining their long-term TPRM objectives?
4:23 A spreadsheet-based approach versus a more structured, tool-based approach to TPRM
6:19 How should organizations work with their critical vendors?
10:48 What data sources result in optimized decision-making?
15.16 How should organizations undertake continuous vendor management monitoring?
16:43 How should organizations formulate the question sets they send to vendors?
18:30 How should organizations rank vendors?
20:38 How should organizations select a tool for TPRM?
26:09 How to decide what level to assess individual vendors.
28:10 Summary and close
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