Powering Cloud at the Edge: A Data Story Told Across Three Horizons | OD408

As your organization builds its digital core, how can you develop crucial cloud-native capabilities that will help you quickly scale? Join us to learn what to consider when building edge-to-cloud solutions, and the unique roles that AI, IoT, and cognitive services play in being able to get the most out of the edge. We’ll also share use cases that highlight end-to-end scenarios, the respective Azure edge solutions deployed, and the roles that data, IoT and AI can play.

Additional Resource:
Mainframe Migration and Modernization on Azure -- https://www.tcs.com/mainframe-modernization-legacy-application-improve-cx
Industry Data Governance on Azure Purview -- https://www.tcs.com/data-governance-service-management-azure-purview
TCS Advanced Analytics on Azure - Azure Synapse -- https://www.tcs.com/advance-analytics-decision-science-azure-ml-synapse
Application Integration Services - Azure iPaaS Migration -- https://www.tcs.com/cloud-integration-services
Cloud Governance Framework Adoption -- https://www.tcs.com/cloud-governance-framework-adoption

Recommended Next Step:
Please visit the TCS showcase page -- https://myignite.microsoft.com/partners/9ad2ddb9-0597-4177-88c9-222a09990949?source=exhibitors&t=%257B%2522from%2522%253A%25222021-11-03T00%253A00%253A00%252B10%253A00%2522%252C%2522to%2522%253A%25222070-01-15T23%253A59%253A00Z%2522%257D

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