Power Platform COE Setup and Governance: Ensuring Organizational-wide Success

Is your organization considering Microsoft’s Power Platform? Do you have some concerns about how that will impact your IT department? We get it. That’s why a Center of Excellence for Power Platform is critical. To successfully set up a CoE there are a few steps that you should take. Join Microsoft and WM Reply for a webinar where we’ll give you the roadmap to achieve success.

A Center of Excellence is much more than just governance. A successful Center of Excellence (CoE) breaks down geographic and organizational silos by driving innovation and nurturing organic growth of the platform and thus facilitating a great ROI. It should empower business users to make best use of the platform and digitize their business processes while maintaining a level of oversight and governance.

Governance is the first step along your journey to setting up an effective CoE, and during this session we’ll walk you through everything you need to know along the way. Learn about the CoE Starter Kit, a set of customizable tools built on Power Platform to help start you on your CoE journey.

See first-hand how our customers are enabling their Citizen Developers to create impactful technology solutions themselves. We’ll convince you that Power Platform is the perfect tool for extend your internal IT capabilities.
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