Power Pages governance and administration

Donovan Goode and Nikita Polyakov from the Power Pages CAT team, talk about administering Microsoft Power Pages sites. Hear how admins can see Power Pages use in their environments, monitor the Power Pages sites, authentication configuration, and their data security settings.

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Download the CoE Starter Kit: https://aka.ms/coestarterkit
Governing and Administering Power Pages: https://aka.ms/PowerPagesGovernance
Planning Power Pages Projects: https://aka.ms/planningpowerpagesprojects
Checklist for Power Pages Go Lives: https://aka.ms/PowerPagesGoliveChecklist

Time Stamps
0:00 Speaker Intros
0:41 Intro to Personas
1:22 Intro to Power Platform admin center
2:06 Using the Power Platform Admin Center
5:16 Power Pages actions in the Power Pages admin Center
6:00 Where to find Admin and Governance Docs
6:34 Intro and Overview to Power Pages Governance with COE Starter Kit
7:27 Deep dive into the inner workings of admin sync flows for Power Pages
8:37 Overview of the Power Platform Admin View App
9:11 Inventory of Power Pages Sites in the Power Platform Admin View App
9:34 Administrator Experience and Details of a Power Pages Site
13:37 Monitor, Govern, Nurture Power BI Dashboard
16:52 What's next and Roadmap

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