Power Hour - Extended Enterprise Learning: Increasing Product Usage and Market Penetration

The success of any product company depends strongly on training its extended enterprise team consisting of vendors, channel partners, implementation partners, support teams, resellers, franchisees, suppliers, distributors, sales, marketing, and finally, the end-users of the product.
As a leader, one might look at an Extended Enterprise Learning Strategy and conclude that implementing it has a financial implication. But the return on investment makes investing in this learning strategy a must to increase product usage and market penetration thereby not only increasing the top line but also reducing costs.

Harbinger Interactive Learning recently hosted an insightful Power Hour where we interacted with the leaders from leading software product companies on how to create a roadmap for implementing a successful Extended Enterprise Learning strategy.

Here are the key takeaways from the session:
• Understand the Extended Enterprise ecosystem
• Learn the benefits of setting up an Extended Enterprise Learning ecosystem
• Identify the challenges to overcome while implementing an Extended Enterprise Learning strategy
• Find solutions for implementing a scalable Extended Enterprise Learning strategy
• Get tips on measuring ROI after implementing an Extended Enterprise Learning strategy

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▬ Contents of this video ▬
00:00 – Topic introduction and agenda
7:20 – Panellists Introduction, what makes them interested in the topic
13:54 – What are some ways organizations currently train extended enterprises?
15:03 – What are some interesting ways to design learning for extended enterprise?
24:15 – What are the business benefits of implementing the next-gen learning strategy for extended enterprise?
31:49 – How would one build a business case around such a comprehensive learning strategy?
41:20 – How do organizations measure ROI for such a learning initiative?
46:40 – Summary of the session
48:08 – About Harbinger
49:29 – Questions and Answers
1:00:31 – Thank you

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