Power Apps Dynamic Form Schema | Add Controls on the fly

In this video, you will learn how to build Dynamic Forms in Power Apps. We will create the controls of the Form dynamically using a Configuration Table coming from your data source of choice.
We will store the form results in JSON Format & leverage the MatchAll function to parse JSON in Power Apps (JSON to Collection). This offers a lot of flexibility in not only storing the data but also the form schema.
Video tutorial includes Dynamic Form examples with Excel & SharePoint.

Video covers the following:
✅ Build Dynamic PowerApps Forms
✅ Leverage Gallery to add form controls from configuration list
✅ Store results in JSON Format
✅ Reload JSON string in Power Apps as a Collection (Array) using MatchAll Power Fx function.
✅ Demos - Dynamic Surveys for Training & Open Enrollments.
✅ Dynamically load forms based on type selection.

⬇️ Download App Samples showcased in Video:

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