Poultly Battery Cages Management After Setup

Poultry Battery Cages Management After Setup is a most for farm managers and technicians. The poultry battery cages are usually dirty after installation, one needs to clean them up before use. When the Nipple drinkers are running water, tap or turn nipples to stop running water. If water continue running, change the Nipple drinker. Each cell carries 4 birds, but, if the bigs are very big, reduce to 3 to revert stampeding. Wash you stepdown tank regularly to keep your water fresh. The above keeps your birds healthy.

Do you need a Farm Setup Specialist to setup your farm rightly. We Specialize on General Farm setups. This also includes Poultry Battery Cages system for poultry Birds. Which of the Poultry Cages are you looking for? Is it the 96 birds capacity, 120 birds capacity or the 128 birds capacity? we have them in stock. Furthermore, we sell all types of battery cages at an affordable price. We install Agro Machines and Poultry Battery Cages Installation Nationwide. Likewise, Poultry House alongside Poultry Cage's for your poultry Farming. Contact us today let's do the A to Z of your Farm setups. Farm Site Visitation and Poultry pegging for poultry house building. Let build a standard poultry house or pen for you. Lots of persons end up building the poultry house with wrong specifications. Let's help you do it right. Are you having some challenges over setting up a small Brooders House for your day old Chicks? Watch our YouTube channels for free and also subscribe along side hitting the notification bells. Our A-Z on poultry Farm Setups from Chris Farm Nigeria are always available for you. Best way to handle your poultry farm is using the complete flow out system. This helps to reduce the putrid smell in your farm. Using a mature dryer at the center. what's a perfect poultry setups, let Chris Farm Nigeria help you out. We take the pain off your neck. We install and sale locally fabricated cages and imported poultry battery cage system all over Nigeria. Likewise build poultry pens alongside it's flow through channels. Call or chat us up via WhatsApp on +2348036925718 for faster response.
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