Postal Advocate: Enterprise Postage and Shipping Management

Mail Equipment and Postage: Creating visibility and driving savings on the cost of mailing equipment and metered postage run through your locations.

Home and Small Office Mail: Creating a simplified process of distributing, printing and accounting for postage generated in small offices, work from home staff or while travelling on business.

USPS Permit Accounts: Simplifying the oversight, visibility and access to postage processed through direct USPS® accounts used for large mailing projects and Business Reply Mail. This includes finding ways to reduce the costs on the accounts and the postage generated.

Outsourced Mail Services: Having a central view to all outsourced mailings and Presort service providers. Savings are derived through invoice validation and contract optimization.

Expedited Document and Parcel Shipping: Implementing the proper tools and oversight to allow your users to send overnights and parcels at the lowest costs with the fastest delivery times.
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