Portfolio Management for Institutional Investors – Part II (2023 Level III CFA® Program – R24)

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Topic 9 – Portfolio Management for Institutional Investors
Portfolio Management for Institutional Investors – Part II
- LOS : Describe the focus of legal, regulatory, and tax constraints affecting different types of institutional investors.
- LOS : Evaluate risk considerations of private defined benefit (DB) pension plans in relation to 1) plan funded status, 2) sponsor financial strength, 3) interactions between the sponsor’s business and the fund’s investments, 4) plan design, and 5) workforce characteristics.
- LOS : Prepare the investment objectives section of an institutional investor’s investment policy statement.
- LOS : Evaluate the investment policy statement of an institutional investor.
- LOS : Evaluate the investment portfolio of a private DB plan, sovereign wealth fund, university endowment, and private foundation.
- LOS : Describe considerations affecting the balance sheet management of banks and insurers.
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