Population Management - A Stellaris Meme

In this (short) video essay I explore the nature of population management in Stellaris. First I look at the intial cause of sudden population problems and the choices available to players. Then I give a fast tour through the options, indicating my thoughts on each.

I do love Stellaris, contrary to what you may think from watching this video. Check out my other videos for confirmation.

This video is not to be taken seriously. I want to stress it is very much for fun and a meme video. I hope you enjoy it for the humor present, and please, don't take it seriously!

Special thanks to Ep3o and Strategiser for their assistance with this video: @Ep3o , @Strategiser

A Stellaris Meme Series: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5nBclq6WdvftHehXF0AQFqIc_ZXQRwWM

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