Podcast 344: The One Mind-Management Technique Required for Sustainable Healing

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EPISODE DESCRIPTION: In this week’s podcast I talk about the importance of self-awareness and how it is a key part of the healing process. Without awareness, we cannot change or move forward. To make changes in our thoughts and subsequent communication, we need to be strategic, proactive and deliberate about our thinking. We need to try to be aware of what we are thinking about every day. This is called self-regulation.

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2:25 Why self-awareness is so important
4:10 Your past is not your destiny
5:00 What it means to be aware of a thought
5:50 The neuroscience of self-awareness
7:50 The relationship between the conscious & nonconscious mind
13:00 The nature of thoughts & self-awareness
15:40 How to listen to what your mind, brain & body are telling you
19:35 How your nonconscious mind tries to protect you
22:30, 26:00 What to do after you become aware of an issue that is affecting your life
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