PMP Course: 0-13 - Data Representation Techniques - Tools & Techniques in Project Management

As a project manager, we need to learn, acquire and develop some skills and techniques to ensure project's success. There are many techniques required in a project. There are most common or used techniques and one of this is , data representation techniques.

There are 15 identified data representation techniques we need to know to manage our project better.

Some Data representation techniques are the following :

Affinity Diagram
Cause and effect diagram
control charts
flow charts
Hierarchical Charts
logical data model
matrix diagram
matrix based chart
mind mapping
probability and impact matrix
scatter diagram
stakeholder engagement assessment matrix
stakeholder mapping
text-oriented format


Translated titles:
Curso PMP: 0-13-Técnicas de representación de datos-Herramientas y técnicas en gestión de proyec

PMP-Kurs: 0-13-Datendarstellungstechniken-Tools und Techniken im Projektmanagement

Cours PMP : 0-13-Techniques de représentation des données-Outils et techniques en gestion de proje

Curso PMP: 0-13-Técnicas de Representação de Dados-Ferramentas e Técnicas em Gerenciamento de Pr

पीएमपी कोर्स: 0-13-डेटा प्रतिनिधित्व तकन

دورة PMP: 0-13-تقنيات تمثيل البيانات-الأدوات والتقنيات في

PMP 课程:0-13-数据表示技术-项目管理中的工具和技术

Kurso ng PMP: 0-13-Mga Teknik sa Pagrepresenta ng Data-Mga Tool at Teknik sa Pamamahala ng Proyekto

Corso PMP: 0-13-Tecniche di rappresentazione dei dati-Strumenti e tecniche di Project Management

پی ایم پی کورس: 0-13-ڈیٹا کی نمائندگی کی تکنیک-پروجیکٹ مین
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