PMP CoP May 2022 Monthly Webinar - Rise of the Project Manager Liaison

May 26, 2022
For the month of May, we will be watching a video together from the Educause Project Management Community Group titled Rise of the Project Manager Liaison presented by Chris Bradney from California State University, San Bernardino and discussing its key takeaways and relevance to SUNY campuses. CSU, San Bernardino found that their project management was not unified across their ITS division, and they had individual centers for excellence but no standardization or optimization. CS, San Bernardino also had a central PM tool but no central method of using it. The presentation will discuss their needs/solutions for standardizing project management and utilizing some best practices, their need to build a PM tool to meet their project needs, and their need to find a way to report centrally on all distributed ITS projects without a central (Directive) PMO.

If you would like to join SUNY's Project Management Professionals Community of Practice, please contact Kris Lynch @ [email protected].
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