PMI Talent Triangle Has Changed! - The Complete Guide To Know How This Impacts You.

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First, the PMP Examination Content Outline (ECO doc) changed, then PMP exam changed, and now PMI Talent Triangle is changing.

I’m sure you have many questions, such as –

How does this impact my PMP preparation?
How does this change the way I report PDUs after attaining PMP?

You will find the answer to these questions in this video, and in the accompanying article.

------------------------------- Content -------------------------------
0:00 - Introduction
0:23 - What is PMI Talent Triangle®?
0:59 - PMI Talent Triangle® 1.0
1:17 - 1. Technical Project Management
2:04 - 2. Leadership
2:33 - 3. Strategic and Business Management
3:38 - Why is Talent Triangle® changing (2.0)?
4:19 - What exactly is changing in Talent Triangle® 2.0?
4:44 - 1. Ways of Working
5:25 - 2. Power Skills
6:37 - 3. Business Acumen
7:32 - Skills & Competency mapping
7:41 - Impact if you're preparing for PMP or for PDU-CCRS
8:18 - Changes to CCRS PDU reporting page (as on this date)
8:27 - Summary

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