PMBOK 7 - 1 Hour Rapid Review Course for 2022

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I often hear students say they wished training was quicker so that they could cover everything they need speedily. In fact, I have been accused of speaking "too slowly"! I remind those folks I have a global audience and English does not come that easy to some of my students.

While I know we all differ when it comes to absorbing content, I listened to what some of my "speed demon" friends requested. So in this video, there is EVERYTHING in an hour from the 7th Edition!

PART 1: The PMBOK® Guide 7th Review: In this course I cover the entire PMBOK Guide 7th edition syllabus very rapidly with a focus on those taking the PMP exam so that they can learn everything they need to as quickly as possible. Many people have already read the 6th edition and the Agile Practice Guide. I would hate to have to ask them to read another huge standard. Even though the 7th Edition looks small, it is not as small as it looks. It is 370 pages! That is big! So the intent here is to get you up to speed so you don't have to sweat that much before you take your 2022 exam!

PART 2: The Dirty Little Secret About The PMBOK® Guide 7th: The PMBOK® Guide 7th edition is not as straightforward to understand as other editions of the PMBOK® Guide. Consequently, one must have an intermediate understanding of project management to be able to navigate the book effectively. If you need this, I suggest watching my video about project management basics and the 49 processes.

PART 3: The Dirty Little Secret About The PMBOK® Guide 7th: While I am not a fan of PMI's process for developing this edition (more or less in a bubble, for the 2nd part of the book, excluding the wider group of 1 million stakeholders), there are some good additions such as the value delivery system, product life-cycles, principles and the shortened coverage of models, methods and artifacts.

As for the domains, it is a huge let down and a needless, tedious change I would have rather skipped while sticking to process groups and knowledge areas. This is a needless re-invention of a wheel that worked very well at that and still does work. Just read the Agile Practice Guide pages 90 - 95. EPIC! It does more good for the PMI stakeholders and future of project management than the domains in my opinion. Compared to the garbled domain mixed messages that is!

Now with that said, there are some awesome hidden gems in the domains, methods and models. I talk about these at those sections. In my opinion the 7th is more incomplete than the 6th. Poor cohesion, low mention of scrum (elements of scrum are used by a ton of agile firms at least over 70%), muddy agile, iterative and incremental messaging (that does not align with the Agile Practice Guide) and muddying the already still knowledge area waters. Do NOT throw away your 6th Edition or your Agile Practice Guide! Honest unfiltered opinions about project management and the profession we love.

Best wishes on your project management journey! Please like, share & leave a comment. Cheers - Your Buddy Phill
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