PM/350T Organizational Project Management

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PM/350T Week 1 Kit includes:
Discussion - Principles of Organizational Communication
Practice: Topic 1 Quick Check
Practice: Topic 2 Quick Check
Practice: Assignment
Apply: Assignment

PM/350T Week 2 Kit includes:
Discussion - Introduction to Change Management
Practice: Topic 3 Quick Check
Practice: Topic 4 Quick Check
Practice: Assignment
Apply: Summative Assessment

PM/350T Week 3 Kit includes:
Discussion - Change Management from Start to Finish
Practice: Topic 5 Quick Check
Practice: Topic 6 Quick Check: Initiating Phase
Practice: Assignment
Apply: Assignment

PM/350T Week 4 Kit includes:
Discussion - Creating and Implementing Learning and Development Initiatives
Practice: Topic 7 Quick Check
Practice: Topic 8 Quick Check
Practice: Assignment
Apply: Summative Assessment

PM/350T Week 5 Kit includes:
Discussion - Employee and Organizational Evaluation Practices
Practice: Topic 9 Quick Check
Practice: Topic 10 Quick Check
Practice: Assignment
Apply: Summative Assessment

PM/350T Week 1 Apply Assignment

Mainstreet Communities, LLC (Mainstreet) is a multi-family and mixed-use developer that creates apartment buildings. Some of its developments include live-work and commercial office spaces and some have retail stores and restaurants on the ground floor. Mainstreet is a privately held company. The owner, Jordan Amari, has asked that the development team repurpose the square footage in an existing building to include a climbing gym. The expense of this change cannot be justified economically and this same square footage could be used for additional apartments and rental income, but Mr. Amari has always wanted a climbing gym. As the project manager of this project, what project selection method do you recognize this to be?
Global Systems in Proximity, Inc. (GSP) is a software company that is developing a brand-new indoor positioning technology that the company expects to be disruptive in the industry. GSP expects to be awarded several patents on this technology. As the project manager, you know that this is what type of project?
Mainstreet is about to purchase a new ERP system that will be used by several internal departments (leasing, development, accounting, and administration) as well as key vendors. Each of these departments and stakeholders will allocate fractional resources to help define and configure this system. As the vice president of Operations, you will hold the title of PM and lead this installation and training. What type of project management structure do you feel is the best fit for this project?
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