PLTR stock is about to surge! Palantir stock news and analysis! pltr stock price target (earnings)

Let’s discuss Palantir Technologies PLTR stock and how it can reach over $30 per share after its approaching earnings report. We will also discuss how the PLTR stock could surge by over 50% in the near future due to their great revenue growth rate, free cash flows, and future contract wins thanks to their foundry system and their business partnerships with Amazon and IBM which have not yet taken full effect. Go and press the like button for more PLTR stock news updates and price targets, comment down below what you think will happen after Palantir’s earnings report, turn on all subscription notifications to stay informed, and now let’s get right into today’s stories. So with Palantir’s earnings report close at hand which will be on November 9th according to seeking alpha, analysts think that this stock will pop after Palantir beats expectations when it comes to their revenue. PLTR stock to me is a great stock to own for the long term due to the growing addressable market and its capabilities when it comes to big data, analytics, and AI technology. Even the CEO of Palantir sees great potential for this company because he says this and I quote. Based on Palantir’s current growth trend I would not be surprised if the company grew by 20 times however I want to focus on their earnings report that is coming up as well as Palantir’s partnership with Amazon and IBM both of which will take the PLTR stock higher in both the near term and long term especially as Palantir further solidified themself as a company that makes other companies more effective and efficient. We have seen huge rallies from Palantir stock in the past such as when it went all the way up to over $40 per share. We also know that Palantir is a very volatile stock that reacts wildly to both good and bad news so if the earnings report is strong enough we could easily see the PLTR stock surge to over $30 per share. However, we have also seen how bad news can affect the PLTR stock has when the stock fell below $20 back in may so depending on if Palantir beats expectations we could be in for a wild ride. We will also perform some PLTR stock analysis by looking at their PLTR stock price targets and price predictions for their Palantir stock. But even without positive news from the earnings report just from a technical analysis standpoint of the 6-month chart, it looks like PLTR will break above $30 soon especially if the overall markets are bullish like they have been recent. Over the last 9 quarters, Palantir’s revenues have increased by 132% which is crazy. This comparison is calculated by taking the $161.3 million in the quarter of March in 2019 and comparing it to $375.6 million for the quarter of June 2021 which is a very impressive increase. This revenue increase is clearly due to Palantir landing more contracts as the company lands contracts with commercial enterprises as well as the United States and allied governments. Which come from commercial enterprises or the United States government as well as allied governments Because of Palantir’s amazing revenue growth rate and their ability to consistently land new contracts the revenue projection for the upcoming earnings report is $399.41 million for Q3 and $423.22 million for Q4 of 2024 so those are the numbers to beat. Hopefully, by the end of the year, Palantir will be able to make over $1.54 billion for the year of 2021 however the fourth quarter might surprise us because analysts predict that revenues could come in at $446.7 million instead of $423.22 million which would mean that some analysts and or the companies management are purposely low balling their Financial projections so Palantir can over-deliver and crush expectations. Also if palantir's CEO who is Alex Karp is correct and the company grows by 20 times in the near future that would mean Palantir would be bringing in around $30.79 billion per year.

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SOURCES: https://seekingalpha.com/article/4462518-palantir-set-up-for-a-breakout-above-30


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