PLTR Stock Gets BIG NEWS! NU stock price targets! TTCF stock update! FUBO stock is a value stock?

PLTR stock has big news today because they are the best AI stock to buy right now. Palantir stock has surged recently due to the US government giving Palantir Technologies a huge contract worth over $220 for 1 year to help innovate the DOD when it comes to Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning. In this video, we will also talk about other stocks such as NU stock which is a fintech company that operates as a digital bank. After we talk about Palantir and NU Holdings I will give my thoughts on Tattooed Chef stock and why I was never a fan of the TTCF stock because it was over-hyped. The TTCF stock is trading at great multiples but I do not think investors should buy this stock right now or stocks like it because we are officially in a recession and the stock market is crashing due to the FED increasing interest rates to control inflation. Lastly, I will go over FUBO stock because Fubo TV is a growth stock that is trading so cheaply that investors are saying that it is also a value stock. A stock that is both a growth stock and a value stock is very rare so hopefully PLTR stock, NU stock, TTCF stock, and FUBO stock are on your watchlist. I think all of the stocks in this video are too risky to invest in right now so I think investors should but ETFs, Mutual funds, Index Funds, and Blue Chip stocks which offer dividends for passive income is the best opportunity. Growth stocks and Technology stocks are not the best investments right now. If you want me to make more videos on Palantir, Nu Holdings, Tattooed Chef, or Fubo TV stock please comment down below.

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