PLSA Webinar: The post-covid/pre-cop26 mot for liability-driven portfolios

This webinar is sponsored and delivered by our sponsor, Pension Insurance Corporation

As we hopefully approach the other side of the pandemic and the UK prepares to host COP26 in just a few weeks’ time, we’ll look at what the seismic post-pandemic changes to life, work and travel may mean from an investment perspective, and what the coming energy transition and accompanying pensions regulation will bring for DB schemes with liability-driven portfolios. A specialist insurer of DB schemes, with a portfolio of £50bn backing future pension payments, discusses what a purposeful investment strategy looks like.

The discussion covers:
• What bulk annuity insurer portfolios look like coming out of the pandemic;
• Investment opportunities that have come out of the pandemic and how we position our
portfolio to take advantage of these;
• Investments that may offer value and protection vis a vis coming macro changes
including inflation and heightened regulatory pressure;
• The ‘S’ – Social component of ESG and the need for purposeful investments;
• Our own journey to making a Net Zero commitment and eventual decarbonisation;
• How we realise Net Zero ambitions while maintaining a diversified portfolio by investing
in companies on a glide path to carbon neutrality

Cléo Fitzsimons, Head of Responsible Investing, Pension Insurance Corporation
Mark Gull, Head of Credit, Pension Insurance Corporation
Rob Groves, Chief Investment Officer, Pension Insurance Corporation
Chaired by: Joe Dabrowski, Deputy Director - Policy, PLSA
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