Plenary Session - Leadership for the future of healthcare

In the past year, the role of health leadership has been in the spotlight as the effect of health leaders’ decisions has been observed and scrutinised. With the increasing demands on health services, rapidly changing context, and the adoption of technological innovations, health systems and organisations are having to revisit and adapt their leadership styles and strategies.
How are changes in healthcare impacting leadership? How to improve management and leadership in healthcare? How to engage clinicians as servant leaders for the organisation? How can health care leaders participate in preparing for the health systems of the future?

Setting the scene:
● Ms Izabela Grape, Representative, Breast Cancer Society Amazona

● Dr Melitta Jakab, Head of Office, WHO European Centre for Primary Health Care
● Ms Annamaria Müller, President of the Board of Directors, HFR hôpital fribourgeois
● Dr Marius Ungureanu, Chief of Staff of the Minister of Health of Romania
● Dr Björn Zoëga, CEO, Karolinska University Hospital

Moderated by Dr Alexandre Lourenço, President, Associação Portuguesa de Administradores Hospitalares (APAH) and Master of Ceremonies of EHMA 2021

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