Plenary Session 3: Urban governance and public health systems [English]

Governments hold ultimate responsibility for guaranteeing those conditions which allow people to be as healthy as possible. Governance for urban health requires political leadership that recognizes the relevance of decisions made in sectors beyond health and healthcare in determining health. Governments also have responsibility for creating and sustaining essential public health systems and infrastructure. Failures to support and expand capacity in the public health system can make it more difficult to advance health in all policies and respond effectively to health emergencies. The authority assigned to city and local governments varies by country, but it is increasingly apparent that the public sector must interact effectively with a growing number of governmental and non-governmental actors to fulfill these responsibilities. Speakers in this session will highlight evidence from and examples of effective participatory governance models and other actions that city governments have implemented to build public health capacity and strengthen political support for policies across sectors that promote urban health and health equity.

Moderator: Dr. Jo Ivey Boufford, Clinical Professor of Global Health and Pediatrics, New York University
New York City, USA

Urban governance for health: key lessons from the pandemic
Charlotte Marchandise, Partnerships and Engagement Lead, World Health Organization Academy
Rennes, France

Managing communicable diseases: the role of urban public health systems
Dr. K. Srinath Reddy, President, Public Health Foundation of India, Indian National Public Health Institute
New Delhi, India

A social and racial justice approach to urban governance for health
Dr. Mary T. Bassett, Director, FXB Center for Health and Human Rights, Harvard University
Boston, USA

Governance of urban health systems: What does it take to make it real?
Dr. Remy Sietchiping, Chief, Policy, Legislation and Governance Section, Urban Practices Branch, UN-Habitat
Nairobi, Kenya
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