Player Management Matters with CAA Sports and GoSports Foundation

SPORTS MATTERS ACADEMY | What is a manager and what is their role? Who needs a Manager? Surely in this digital era of DIY, an athlete can do it all? Well if there is anyone in the food chain that is even more necessary, that is an effective Manager. Your business “parent”, your planner, campaigner and the one who connects the dots. Think you can do it yourself? Then do not attend this session. Join us to find out how the Manager has become even more crucial and what it takes to be a great Manager.

Deepthi Bopaiah, CEO, GoSports Foundation
Roman Di Somma, Head of International Talent, CAA Sports
Jasper Donat, CEO, Branded

The Sports Matters Academy is a free-to-attend online series of fireside chats, panels and workshops dedicated to educating and upskilling anyone interested in the business of sport. Register today at https://www.sportsmatters.academy

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