Planning for the Unknown: how to manage and mitigate risk

If the last two years have taught us anything it is that nobody is safe from life’s uncertainties and that there is clear merit to having a well-thought-out, and properly implemented, estate plan.

Your plan provides an ongoing legacy and peace of mind for loved ones, which ensures that the wealth being transferred to the next generation is done so in a controlled manner and that assets are properly administered and managed.

In this Let’s Talk webinar, we look at ways to plan ahead that minimise the impact of unforeseen events, how a properly implemented estate plan can evolve with a family and identify ways to mitigate risk with an estate plan.

With our host, Head of International Wealth and Investment, Adam Hunt, and a panel of experts, we explore how you can protect what matters to you and how Standard Bank’s Trust solutions can help you achieve your estate planning needs.
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