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As a candidate for this exam, you should have subject matter expertise in implementing, managing, and monitoring an organization’s Microsoft Azure environment, including:

Virtual networks
As an Azure administrator, you often serve as part of a larger team dedicated to implementing an organization's cloud infrastructure. You also coordinate with other roles to deliver Azure networking, security, database, application development, and DevOps solutions.

You should be familiar with:

Operating systems
In addition, you should have experience with:

Azure CLI
The Azure portal
Azure Resource Manager templates
Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), part of Microsoft Entra
The AZ-104 exam was designed to assess the skills and knowledge required to effectively manage Azure resources, implement and manage virtual networks, secure identities, and monitor and optimize Azure services. It was part of the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification path.

Key Topics Covered in AZ-104:

Manage Azure identities and governance:

Managing Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) users and groups.
Implementing and managing Azure Policy.
Managing role-based access control (RBAC).
Implement and manage Azure storage:

Creating and configuring storage accounts.
Managing storage data.
Implementing Azure Blob storage, Azure Files, and Azure Table storage.
Deploy and manage Azure compute resources:

Managing virtual machines (VMs) and virtual machine scale sets.
Configuring virtual networking.
Managing and monitoring Azure App Service.
Configure and manage virtual networks:

Creating connectivity between virtual networks.
Implementing and managing virtual networking.
Monitor and back up Azure resources:

Monitoring Azure resources with Azure Monitor.
Implementing backup and recovery solutions.
Manage and secure identities:

Managing Azure AD objects.
Implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA).
Managing user and group properties.
Implement and manage governance solutions:

Implementing Azure policies for organizational requirements.
Managing resources through Azure Resource Manager.
Implement and manage Azure compute resources:

Configuring VMs for high availability and scalability.
Automating deployment and configuration of resources.
Implement and manage Azure networking:

Implementing and managing Azure VPN Gateway.
Implementing and managing Azure ExpressRoute.
Monitor and back up Azure resources:

Monitoring resources using Azure Monitor.
Implementing backup and recovery solutions.
It's important to note that Microsoft regularly updates its certification exams to align with changes in Azure services and technologies. Therefore, I recommend visiting the official Microsoft certification website to get the most current information on the AZ-104 exam and its requirements. Additionally, consider using official Microsoft learning resources and practice exams to prepare for the exam effectively.

The English language version of this exam will be updated on October 26, 2023. Review the study guide linked in the preceding “Tip” box for details about the skills measured and upcoming changes.
Manage Azure identities and governance (20–25%)
Implement and manage storage (15–20%)
Deploy and manage Azure compute resources (20–25%)
Implement and manage virtual networking (15–20%)
Monitor and maintain Azure resources (10–15%)
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