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Social value in procurement is becoming key to supplier selection, ensuring what is bought is creating positive benefits for stakeholders, communities, and society as a whole. Growing recognition of embedded structural inequalities has become a key focus area as supply chains seek to find new ways to tackle the world’s problems.

In this webinar we talk to bidding expert and social venture trail blazer Anne McNamara from ShineX who has lived experience in creating real impact from her actions.

Her early career involved bringing The Big Issue newspaper to the North, helping thousands of homeless people achieve their potential by helping them achieve good homes, good jobs, good health and onto a good life. She then founded FSquared, one the first companies set up in the early 2000s to specifically support bidders to design and deliver social added value to large scale capital programmes. She’s continued her work through advocacy for more equal pay in the construction industry.

More recently, Anne took matters into her own hands to help Afghan women escape the Taliban and resettle in Ireland. IN this webinar Anne tells us about her incredible journey, the fate of the women, and what this experience has taught her about the new business normal.

Learn from this inspiring story:

How Anne identified her cause, and sought her coalition of support
What she learned from the process; and
Where she sees companies being able to offer value in their commercial offerings as a win/win for their business, for procurement and for the community.

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