Pilots Fight Hardover Rudder to Regain Control of Aircraft

Gustavo Sorola and Chris Demarais investigate what happened to Northwest Airlines Flight 85 that caused the plane to get stuck in a hard left bank over the Bering Sea. Find out how the flight crew managed to fight an unresponsive rudder and if they managed to make it back to the ground safely on this episode of Black Box Down. This episode is sponsored by Green Chef, go to http://greenchef.com/blackboxdown60 with code blackboxdown60 for 60% off and free shipping, and Shady Rays, go to http://shadyrays.com and use code BLACKBOXDOWN for 50% off 2 or more pairs of polarized sunglasses. Find us on social media and buy our merch here! https://linktr.ee/BlackBoxDownPod Go to blackboxdownpod.com to support us directly! Download the public audio version https://link.chtbl.com/blackboxdown. Already a FIRST Member and need your Private RSS feed for this show? Go here: http://bit.ly/FIRSTRSS.

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