Welcome Everyone! Today’s Pick a Card reading asks what are your specific types of genius – what different kinds of ‘smart’ are you? We’ll look at the balance of IQ, EQ and spiritual and practical intelligence to see where your strengths are and how you can most use these to create the life you desire. This is a timeless reading.

For readings such as this one, I strongly recommend watching your reading alone – at least initially – as some information may be sensitive and you may wish to make an informed choice about who to share the reading with.

Time stamps

00:00 Introduction
3:47 Pile 1
28:40 Pile 2
47:20 Pile 3
1:06:42 Pile 4

Decks Used

Dreams of Gaia Tarot: Author and Artist: Ravynne Phelan; © Blue Angel Publishing
Black Moon Astrology Cards: Author/Artist: Susan Sheppard; © Blue Angel Publishing
Two Penny Oracle: available at: Madam Clara's parlor of tarot and curiosities. by MotelGiftShop (etsy.com)
Colour Goddess Casting Cards: available at: Psychic Readings & Unique Jewelry by CrownLotus on Etsy
Elemental Oracle: © Rockpool Publishing
Joyseeker Tarot: available at: Danielle Trudeau by JoyseekerTarot on Etsy
Cute and Creepy Tarot: available at: SIGNED Cute & Creepy Tarot Deck – The Many Arms of Misha (misha-art.com)
Venetian Carnival tarot: available at: Self-published Tarot Decks from Australia by TarotArtGifts on Etsy
White Fly Tarot: available at: Illustrations of Danilo Sanino DDRAW by WhiteFlyTarot on Etsy
Business Class Tarot: available at: Modern Tarot by PolyglotContentCo on Etsy
Career and Money Deck: available at: MahrukhX on Etsy
Feelings In Bloom Oracle (Spring and Summer): available at: V Love & Crystals by VLoveCrystals on Etsy
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Spirit Guide Messages Oracle cards: available at: Oracle decks tarot cards crystal sets and by MidnightOracleShop (etsy.com)
Wisdom of the Sacred Bee Oracle: available at: Home of The Sacred Bee (sacredsoultarot.com)
Music Oracles: © Laurence King; Author Stephen Ellcock, Artist Timba Smits

Pick a Card readings are for the collective so take what resonates/fits with you and leave the rest. Also, while tarot can be predictive in that it shows potential outcomes of current energies it is not deterministic. You always get to choose and direct your life and the information from tarot is just another source of reflection for you to help make your choices.

This reading is provided for personal reflection and entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to provide, or be a substitute for, professional/ licensed advice and services (including but not limited to the areas of finances, career and health).

For more information on my readings and spiritual approach visit: www.iotaserpentistarot.com or follow me on Twitter : @serpent_tarot
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