Philippine Politics and Governance Lecture 1 Part 1

In this lesson, we will talk about the Basics of Politics in the lens of the Philippines.

Specifically at the end of the lesson, you must be able to:
1.Understand the meaning of Politics;
2. Evaluate the theories and historical definitions linked to Politics;
3. Recognize the different approaches in Politics ; and
4. Reflect upon the different Characteristics of Philippine Politics.

This video is intended solely for Educational Purposes.

My name is Wilfredo DJ P. Martin IV, and I am a teacher of Social Science, Philosophy, and Public Administration Subjects. I am a faculty member of St. Paul University Philippines. Tuguegarao Cagayan, 3500.

Time Stamps:
0:00-1:36 Intro
1:37-7:15 Politics Defined
7:16-10:28 Politics as War
10:29-12:38 Politics as Process
12:39-16:37 Politics as Participation
16:38-20:55 History of Politics
20:56-22:44 Characteristics of Politics
22:45-24:13 General Approaches to Politics
24:14-25:22 Traditional Approach
25:23-26:57 Historical Approach
26:58-27:18 Institutional Approach
27:19-27:44 Legal Approach
27:45-29:59 Behavioral Approach
30:00-31:19 Systems Approach
31:20-32:17 Political Economic Approach
32:18-33:05 Sociological Approach
33:06-34:22 Announcement for Part 2
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