Pharmacy / Medical Management System

The Pharmacy Sales and Inventory System is a simple project that will help pharmacy businesses manage the medicine that they are selling and monitor their available stocks. This will also help to track the expired medicine product on hand which this system notifies them when the expiry date of their stock will come. And by this, they will check the remaining stock of the medicine product that is expired and encode to the system to deduct the count of stock that has already for inventory monitoring and sales product availability. This system categorizes the medicine list by the type of medicine for and also the type of medicine such as tablet and capsule, with this feature will help the cashier to search in details of the product that the customer is looking for, for example, the customer is looking for a 500 mg of Amoxicillin capsule medicine which is categorized in the group of medicine use for an antibiotic but the pharmacy does not have stock of this medicine at that time
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