PfMP Journey & Insights | Karthik Srinivasan | Dharam Singh | vCare Project Management | PMI

PfMP Journey & Insights | Karthik Srinivasan | Dharam Singh | vCare Project Management | PMI

In this webinar, Dharam Singh, leading PgMP® & PfMP® mentor, interviewed Karthik Srinivasan, MBA , MS, PgMP®, PfMP®, PMP®, Financial Crimes & Regulatory Risk Management: Business Transformation (AVP/Exec Director), Scotiabank, Greater Toronto Area, Canada. Karthik Srinivasan successfully passed his PfMP® exam on September 09, 2021. His focus, dedication, and hard work helped him overcome challenges and succeed in the exam with flying colors.

Webinar Date: Sunday, 19th September 2021

The topics covered in this webinar session:
00:33 PfMP Certification
02:42 Choosing a mentor
03:53 Karthik Srinivasan | Introduction
06:12 Karthik Srinivasan's Profile
07:54 PfMP Mentoring Program
11:24 My Journey with PMI
15:24 My approach to PfMP
18:17 4Ps - Purpose, Plan, Prepare, Practice
22:11 PfMP Application Writing Tips & Guidance
26:38 First e-mail from PMI after application submission
31:24 PfMP Exam Study Materials
34:14 PMI SPM, 3rd Edition
35:34 PfMP Exam Preparation
41:15 PMI Exceptations
42:02 PfMP Exam Study Tips
44:59 PfMP Mock Tests & Practice
47:35 PfMP Exam - Speed & Time
48:24 PfMP Exam Readiness | Exercise, Meditation, Yoga, etc.
49:09 PfMP Mock Tests Score Analysis
49:48 PfMP Exam | Tackling 170 Questions
51:02 PfMP® exam | How to handle technical problems
53:50 PfMP Exam Questions Analysis
56:02 Understanding what is the intent of every process

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