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Hello Everyone!
Today in this video, I am going to discuss about Peter Senge's Model of Learning Organization. The five disciplines of learning organizations focus on long-term growth for both internal and external the organization. So we will learn about this in detail and will do few MCQ's also based on this.

Stairs to Excellence is an Educational channel on YouTube, where we prepare for B.Ed. exams for all semesters. We cover multiple Subjects and Pedagogy such as Knowledge and Curriculum, Childhood and Growing Up, Gender School and Society, Learning and Teaching, Pedagogy of Science, Math and Geography, Educational Management, Assessment for Learning, Language across Curriculum, Contemporary India and Education, Environmental Education, Guidance and Counselling and Creating an Inclusive School.

0:00 - Introduction
0:50 - Introduction about Peter Senge
3:00 - What is Learning organization?
5:30 - Senge's 5 Discipline of Learning Organization
6:02 - System Thinking and Personal Masterd
9:43 - Mental Models and Building Shared Vision
13:15 - Team Learning
15:30 - Important MCQ's

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