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Cotton crop for the year 2023 is going to be started all over Pakistan. In this video, answers of important questions have been discussed briefly to give an overview about the production technology of this precious crop. Cotton is an important crop that provides raw material for textile industry of Pakistan. Its production technology is changing with the changing weather and climate conditions. Weather of an areas affects a lot the cultivated crop of almost all the regions.
Cotton is a vital crop of Pakistan and varieties have very important role in its production and per acre yield. Farmers are passing through a decision making process about which variety of cotton should be selected this year. It is advised that any single cultivar cannot be relied. Therefore, more than one varieties should be planted to cover the risk of complete falure.
More than 100 varieties of cotton crop are confusing the farmers. In this video, we have highlighted about ten most important varieties out of which few may be selected. We have floated remarks about SS 32 and SS 102 of Saim Seeds Jahanian; BS 18, 20 and 49 of Bandesha Seeds, Roundup ready triple gene varieties CKC 5 and CKC 6 ; FD 1 super gold of Dr Tariq 0306-1183102 ; FH 490 and FH Super cotton of Ayub Research Faisalabad Jahanzeb 0333-8382643, 0306 1382643 are considered as high yielder varieties, FH 142 and NIAB 878 have also been performing well during the previous years which may also be cultivated on some of the area.
Cotton plays an essential role in production of textile industry and goods in Pakistan. Our beloved country has a very high potential of grooming in textile sector. We are not fully independent in making raw material. If we succeed in growing more cotton in our local areas, it will give energy to our suffering economy in a dramatic way. Selection of kind of seed is the most important factor in production technology of cotton. We should select the variety very carefully.
Selection of variety is one of the major factor on which production of crop relies on. There are hundreds of varieties of cotton available in the market. To choose the best one to cultivate is a major decision for getting better production of cotton. Production technology of cotton is now dependent on the selection of best variety. Now a days, triple gene types are available and advertised vastly. These varieties have their unique characters of resistance against different insects that saves our crop and becomes economical in the absence of different pesticides. Moreover, glyphosate herbicide can also be applied on these types of varieties to control herbs and weeds.

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