PEST and pest management in medicinal plants. BIODYNAMIC AGRICULTURE. B Pharma 6 same unit 1 PART 9

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Applications :-

Pests can be effectively controlled by selecting suitable application techniques / methods and an appropriate time and / or frequency of biopesticides application . Given below are some methods of biopesticides applications :

1 ) Seed Treatment : This means application of biopesticides on seeds . This method is the most effective . Powder formulations are applied on seeds by tumbling them with the product designed to adhere to the seeds .

2 ) Foliar Application : This means application of biopesticides on surface of leaves in the form of sprays . For example , application of B. subtilis to bean leaves reduce the occurrence of bean rust caused by Uromyce sphaseoli .

3 ) Seedling Dipping : In this method , roots of the seedlings are dipped in biopesticide suspensions for a few minutes or hours before transplanting . For example , Trichoderma spp . are applied in this way .

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Advantages :-

1 ) Biopesticides are inherently less harmful or toxic and cause less environmental load or pollution .

2 ) They are designed for a specific pest , or a few target pests as opposed to chemical having a broad spectrum of activity .

3 ) Cost of their development is significantly lower than those of synthetic chemical pesticides .

4 ) Their nature of control is preventive ( not curative ) and their effects on flower is less .

Disadvantages :-

1 ) Due to their high specificity , it is necessary to identify the exact target pest or pathogen .

2 ) Due to their slow speed of action , they are often unsuitable if there is an immediate pest outbreak that becomes a threat to crops .

3 ) They are not suitable for a stand - alone treatment , and should have to be with a compatible method for high efficacy .

4 ) Living organisms evolve and increase their resistance to biological , chemical , physical and any other form of control .
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