People of BEBS - Laura de Waal, MBA in International Business Management and Innovation

Laura de Waal, from the Netherlands, graduated last July from BEBS MBA in International Business Management and Innovation.

She spent the first half of the year in Barcelona studying on campus and the second half in the Netherlands studying online. We interviewed her to learn about her experience this year at BEBS.

0:00 Laura's presentation
0:41 What can you tell us about your experience living in Barcelona?
1:10 How do you think that studying international business in Barcelona can be helpful for you?
1:28 Working part-time, how are you able to combine it with the Master?
1:58 How has the BEBS Team attended you during your process?
2:33 How do you think this Master can help you in your career?
3:01 Do you think you can build an international contact network thanks to BEBS?
3:24 What do you think about the classes at BEBS?
3:54 Would you recommend BEBS? Why?
4:14 If you had to sum up your experience here in three words, which three would be?
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