People management and different types of people

In this week’s show Mystic Veg: A fortune tellers’ predictions which seem as accurate as most instant introvert extrovert tests. A wedding proposal gone wrong: It seems dramatic stunts are not just used for poor quality team building events. Porn in the house: Doing things quietly in the corner is a good thing? Ejaculating bees: A sad story about hot weather. A discussion with Donna Obstfeld: Donna is an HR Specialist; helping employers who care about their people to make their workplace a better place to be; saving them time, money & stress. Contact Donna at Question of the week: How does introversion affect personality? My takeaways from the discussion were:

A grievance can be a good thing, it allows clarity and conversation. Know how your staff like to interact. Know how people like to be dealt with. Confidence should not be conflated with introversion or extroversion What were yours? Add to a discussion on the Facebook page Activate Your Introvert

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