People Craft: Getting Into and Growing in Customer Support | Startup Boston Week 2021

Providing great customer experience is pivotal to a startup's strategy. As consumer behavior has changed over time, so have the roles that are essential within a business to help support in various phases of the customer journey. Have you ever been curious as to what it’s like to work in customer support and what the different roles require from you?

Join this panel of customer experience reps, managers and people ops to explore all things CX related. We’ll discuss:

-The onboarding process of a CX rep.
-A deep dive into customer support roles.
-How to set yourself up for success in the role.
-How to gauge if you are learning and growing.

This event is part of the Customer Success Track for Startup Boston Week 2021. It is perfect for people of different levels within customer experience roles.

Startup Boston is rooted in the development and celebration of people who are pushing boundaries, solving tough problems, and asking every day—how might we do this better? Our events are designed to be a platform through which innovators can learn from and challenge one another, build new partnerships, strengthen ties, and celebrate both failure and growth.

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