Peer Review in Structural Engineering | Moving the Design Industry Forward

In this video, we talk to James O. Malley, S.E., about what peer review is and how it can
help move the structural engineering industry forward. He also talks about the building code requirements for seismic design and how these codes allow for the implementation of new concepts and technologies. #peerreview #buildingcode #structuralengineering

You can view the show notes of this video here ➜

0:00 Intro
0:53 Jim O. Malley’s Professional Career Overview
3:58 Peer Review Explained
5:28 What Projects Are Reviewed and When Are the Projects Reviewed?
8:58 The Building Code Requirements for Seismic Design
12:03 How The Building Code Allow for the Implementation of New Concepts, Configurations, and Technologies
14:42 What Process Is Followed to Ensure That New and Innovative Concepts Will Provide at Least Equivalent Performance?
18:34 Peer Review Process
21:26 Examples of Projects That Have Implemented Peer Review
25:51 How Peer Review Can Move the Design/Construction Industry Forward
29:02 Final Piece of Advice
34:31 Outro

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