Peculiarities of building a personal finance management system

Andrii Vasyliuk1 , Taras Basyuk

Lviv Polytechnic National University, Bandera str.12, Lviv, 79013

In this work, a personal finance management system is developed. The relevance of the system construction is proved. It was considered the introduction of various technologies, which will help to create a system that is easy to use and user-friendly. It was analyzed the market of similar software solutions and technologies. The analysis of the methods corresponding to the topic was carried out and the most expedient ones were chosen. The subject area of the research and the imperfection of software solutions in the market is determined, which outlined the problem, and the requirements to the system are formulated. The structural processes of system creation were described. Rational unified process was used as a methodology for creating the lost part of the product because the most important emphasis in this case is the working product. All precedents in this methodology have been described. The following types of diagrams are presented: sequence diagram, packet diagram, class diagram. Methods of realization of the chosen system which provide the minimum requirements to the software and hardware are formulated and described. A software and hardware solution that meets the requirements for building a personal finance management system necessary for its implementation was chosen. The system of personal finance management in the form of the appendix is constructed; a detailed description of the designed system and test variants of its operation are given. A personal financial management system was created
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