Pathways Level 4 Electives video 3 V3

Pathways Level 4 Electives video 3 V3

Public Relations Strategies - :51
Manage Projects Successfully - 1:14

Hi, I’m Tim, your Pathways Guide. Welcome to Pathways Level 4 Electives, video number three.

Why complete Pathways Level 4?

Pathways Level 4 is extremely customizable for all eleven paths. These projects are the list of electives. The rest are in the other two videos. The projects focus on building the skills you need to succeed on your path. You'll have the opportunity to explore new challenges and begin applying what you have learned. You'll complete one required project and at least one elective project specific to your path that will address your goals and interests through a wide variety of topics.

There are two elective projects explained here.

Project one is Public Relations Strategies. This project focuses on how to promote awareness of an organization, formulate a public relations strategy and use various public relations tactics. The purpose is to practice the skills needed to effectively use public relations strategies for any group or situation.

Project two is Manage Projects Successfully. This project focuses on skills needed to effectively manage a project, develop rapport with stakeholders and cultivate strong relationships with a team. The purpose is to practice developing a plan, building a team, and fulfilling the plan with the help of your team.

What’s in it for you?

Skills learned in these Level 4 elective projects will help you to increase your knowledge in areas where you would like to improve. These skills develop or enhance your use of public relations strategies and project management skills.

I wish you success on your Pathways journey.
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